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Travel without insurance

My take on this matter is simple. If cost of the trip is your main concern and a major factor, then probably travel insurance is not in the top list. I know there are people who would think that this is not a wise thing to do, especially when traveling abroad. However, there is always the factor of risk. And this risk is constant.

The issue would shift to question such as, if you ended up having health issue while on your trip, what do you do in that situation. So, to get back to the point - it is always good to travel with insurance in hand, if you wouldn't consider the risk of facing uncertainties - and of course, you have enough budget to get it.

Blogging from cellphone

This month I was visiting Antalya for a quick 3-day trip. Enjoyed it very much and I wish to come back to this beautiful city again one day. There are so many placesto visit, but I did walk the narrow alleyways of Old City, and tour the town while running half marathon @Runatolia 2018.

Surrender or preventing the worst?

There is a split second of personal decision to make; to fight or take flight. In some cases, it will be good to fight and make a big scene. In other instances, holding you hands up and surrender would be the best choice, not for the adversary but for you. Walk away and take that courageous first step.

Fifty words per blog post

This is what you would do when you want to keep an active blog but too lazy to post elaborate articles in it. A 50-word post per day seems like a doable challenge in order to get it done. At the same time, keep the content fresh and updated daily.

Spur of the moment

When you caught just a right size baby catfish from the river; what would you do? Clean it up, build a fire right there by the river and roast your fish to perfection. That would be a memorable meal, not because it tasted the best yet, but it was done in a spur of the moment.

50 shades of smoothness

John Bianco, a 25-year old young man thrived to make a big name in a big city's male dancers circuit and did it with great success. Not only he made it to the top, he did it successfully in a first try. His secret? Courage, confident, talent and skill.

A blue sky afternoon

There are many clear, sunny days in Sydney. On weekends, when you have days like this, one of the many things to do is to take a ferry ride and enjoy warm air. Many eye-catching scenery along the ride too.