Cordoba and Costa del Sol, Spain

In early Spring of 2000, I was decided to join a tour group from the US to visit several cities in Spain. It was a 10-day tour, organized by Golden Circle Tour group. We covered cities like Malaga, Cordoba, Seville, and Marbella. This is a retiree-focus tour, designed for folks who were in their 60s to 70s. Boy, that was an interesting visit.

There were about 50 of us in that group. Mostly retired couples and all of us were tourists from the US. The guide was a Spanish man whom had done this job for many years. He could recite a page from the guide book like reading it out loud from an invisible teleprompter in front of him. Joseph, was a pleasant guide and very helpful to senior members of the group.

We were staying in a hotel, close to the beach in Costa del Sol, Malaga. It was too early in Spring to enjoy the ocean, but there were a couple of mornings with clear sky and cool breeze I remember. I did walk on along the soft sandy beach before breakfast. That was an excellent way to start a day on a vacation. A cup of coffee in my hand, never tasted so good.

After having breakfast buffet, we headed for a northern city called, Cordoba. A pleasant journey along countryside of Spain. That was probably the best time of year to enjoy beautiful scenery and landscape in Spain.

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