Luanda, Angola

I arrived at Luanda International Airport as scheduled. It was a pleasant early evening some times in May 2005. The Summer was over. Falls weather in this part of Southern Hemisphere was pleasant and mild. Though occasionally, a chilly morning or evening could be felt when the weather came from the south. I was pleasant and thankful that my long journey across the globe was uneventful and my colleagues were waiting for the at the arrival hall. I smiled.

As I expected, the city was somewhat covered in rusty red color dust. It was a unique situation, in my opinion, and I could only see that in Africa. Something to do with the mineral in the soil, and the sand, I thought. Anyway, the sun was still hot and partially covered by thin clouds. Soon it would set elegantly, plunging into the calm Luanda Bay. The sense was hard to ignore. That was my first sunset in Angola.

I knew my stay would be maximum of one year. My work was somewhat demanding of my entire time there, but I never failed to take any opportunity I had, to explore this beautiful, sub-Mediterranean climate-like country of Africa. The locals were friendly and the influence of Portuguese people clearly manifested through their conversation, on the street or at home, Portuguese.

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