Niagara Falls at Last

It was never too late to take the trip. The Niagara Falls will always be there. I was in Ohio that year of 2000. Summer was almost over, but there were some nice days for road trip. It was too early for fall foliage safari though. But taking a 6-hour road trip to the North wasn’t that bad of an idea. This was my first trip to Canada. It was always known that the falls look much better from the Canadian side. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The view was stunning. The roaring sound of perpetual fall filled the air, and surprisingly was not deafening at all. I knew the trip was well worth it.

An early September weather at the Niagara Falls was gorgeous. Sunny but cool. There were many people, mostly tourists, pointing their cameras to the magnificent view of the fall, in every angle.

I was told that tourists were thinning out a little after the Labor Day Weekend. I guess came at the right time, a week after Labor Day that year. Being one of the top spots to visit in the whole world, Niagara Falls receives plenty of tourists all year round, even in winter time. Actually, some of the best pictures of the falls are taken during winter!

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